Coming Home

There is a familiar place to all of us that hides behind our thoughts, sensations, perceptions, feelings and emotions.

This “place” is not really a location. Not really substantial, as some-thing we can touch, measure and see. Not describable, as we describe an object. We have it, and we can struggle finding it. It is here within us, but not in any specific part of us.

This “place” takes no travel time, or distance to cover in order to arrive to it. It is already here patiently waiting to be rediscovered. Yet it is not always easy to do so.

We “find” it when we are not really looking for it. We find it when we let it naturally arise from under the ashes of our thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions that we are willing to let be without any concern. When the many actions of the mind and body become a series of passing moments, with their relative importance, but without their restricting power, we rediscover the “place” we long to find and peacefully reside in – we rediscover our home, our nature of peaceful openness!

We can call it “home” because it is actually very familiar to us, from the stand point of a deep recognition of the natural sense of well-being, peace, joy and fulfillment we experience when in it .When we are home, we are safe. When we are home, we are comfortable. When we are home we feel whole.

This “home” is right here in every single moment, right before us, actually, right within us! Finding it, rediscovering its “location” it’s a matter of love, patience, diligence and more patience, for its way may be a little hidden but certainly always open to be seen by the eye of wisdom.

Follow each breath through, as you would follow breadcrumbs in the forest to find your way home. Each breath, each moment of openness, is a moment closer to home. And before you even know how, there you will be, HOME!