It is not very common that we have and find opportunities to contemplate the nature of our experience.

When we really think about it, most of our life is spent in the “doing” of it, not much in the “being” of it. The opportunities that we have to meet, both as a group and individually in our own “private” experience of connecting with our experience of being, is truly something to be grateful for and deeply appreciate.

The underscoring element of practice being–another way of saying meditation–is that it allows us to come in closer and closer contact with our experiences, and, most importantly, with how we meet and what we do with our experiences. This aspect, the observation of our connection to experience and the result it creates in our life, is key. In this sense meditation can be also seen as a “study” of ourselves and our experiences–an internal lab were we can observe our response to what happens in and around us.

This approach to life and to the getting-to-know-ourselves  is truly unique. It is not how we go about doing most of our life, and because it is so different it has the potential of revealing to us how different life really is from what we normally think of it, and this of course includes how different we really are form what we normally think of ourselves.

Contemplating the nature of experience is having the key to open the door of life wide open and let us see what’s truly behind our superficial experience of it!
With gratitude,