The simplicity of a moment of a clear, open experience, if left untouched by the mind’s habitual way of wanting to make more of what is, reveals without any effort how life can unfold with more ease.

Simplicity is not passivity, detachment or surrendering. Simplicity means being able to let things be as they are, without doing more than necessary, and seeing life more and more from a perspective of openness – openness of being!

It may be a bit of a challenge at first but with some practice and patience, over time even the most challenging of situations may transform into “simply what they are.”

This is where the practice of meditation can come to our rescue. In more controlled settings, such as your daily practice at home or our group, we can practice and plant seeds of simplicity in each and every breath we take — much easier than when stuck in traffic! But the practice, the seed that is planted with each and every moment of intentional desire to see our true experience of the moment, is another step forward on the path of opening to life.

Being, at least in a quieter circumstance as just mentioned, doesn’t have to be complicated. Keeping it simple, without striving, pushing and too much effort, is simple!

As simple as taking a breath and letting in out without needing to change anything about it. And then, let’s do the same with the next breath, and the next one after that…

With gratitude,