Finding Inner Peace

If we are honest with ourselves, it becomes very clear that our lives are characterized by many different types of challenges. Usually, the way in which we go about solving our challenges is by seeking answers and solutions “out there,” in others, or in situations thought to be separate from us, and caused by external factors to our experience.

We embark daily on an outward expedition to futilely change the world, believing that doing so will change everything, especially how we feel within. Since it is also clear that this repetitive, unsuccessful, and misguided journey is to no avail, perhaps it would be wiser to embark on the much more promising expedition: an inward expedition to finding lasting inner peace.

As the great mystic Rumi once said:

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

In Rumi’s wise words lies an invitation. An invitation to take an inward journey and find that which is always available to us: the open space of aware presence that, once encountered and appreciated, changes our lives.

This space is available to all of us at any given moment, but it also requires becoming familiar with it. Through meditation and awareness exploration, we can reveal this infinite open space of tranquility, and have its energy radiate into our lives so that we can experience more ease and lasting inner peace.

Dedicating some time to the practice of familiarization with our innate nature of presence is key in order to be able to savor its fruits. Aside from daily practice, retreats are another very supportive way to cultivate our openness.

To that end, we are dedicating our upcoming retreat: Finding Inner Peace

Join us for this one-day retreat by reserving your seat here, and rediscover the nature of quiet, openness and peace that our lives so much deserve .

Inner Peace Meditation Retreat

Finding Inner Peace

A One Day Meditation Retreat Dedicated to Finding Inner Peace in Everyday Life Through Meditation and Awareness Exploration

WHEN: Saturday August 13 from 8:30am to 5:00pm
WHERE: Woodhall, 501 Orindawoods Dr. Orinda CA
COST: $55 – $80 (a non refundable fee)
PAYMENT: Checks can be written to Andrea Colombu LMFT and either brought to our Monday night gathering or sent to:
Andrea Colombu
23a Orinda Way Orinda CA 94563

For more information about the retreat feel free to contact Andrea here or call 925 212 2669