Generosity is one of the noblest qualities we human beings can experience and express to one another.

Gratitude is one of the highest recognitions of our interdependence and interconnected nature to all that exist.

Together, generosity and gratitude are the two faces of the same gift of happy living we can give to ourselves and each other.

Together, generosity and gratitude are experiences and expressions that not only transform our lives but transform that of anyone we experience it and share it with. The world awaits our generosity. And in return, in its infinite generosity, the world returns its manifold gifts in each and every moment. The question is: are we aware of them? Do we really appreciate all that is present in our lives? Do we share with a generous heart?

For most of us is difficult to hold a generous heart open to whatever and whenever the situations call us to give, selflessly and unconditionally. For most of us the recognition of all that is present in our lives, all that supports us in every moment of life, all that we benefit from, is taken for granted, mostly missed in the vortexes of our busyness and distracted lives.

Lack of awareness, lack of understanding, and lack of expression of gratitude and generosity can be cultivated. During this upcoming retreat, we’ll explore together the role that gratitude plays in our lives and deepen its cultivation appreciation and expressions in our lives and the world in order to create and support a more fulfilling, happier, generous, and grateful lifestyle.

What would our life be like if we cultivated and expanded our experience and acts of generosity and gratitude? Science now can actually prove that people who express gratitude on a regular basis live happier and less stressful live. Spirituality, in every single tradition, teaches how gratitude is essential for our spiritual growth, and reflective of our human nature, of our human spirit, which is innately imbued with love, kindness, and generosity.

Experiencing more gratitude and generosity can radically change our lives and that of who we come in contact with. Cultivating generosity is cultivating joy!

On Saturday, November 19 join us for:


g r a ti t u d e

A daylong retreat dedicated to the cultivation of gratitude in our lives

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Through mindfulness meditation and awareness practices, we’ll explore in-depth the role that gratitude plays in our lives, expand its cultivation and expressions in our lives in order to live a happier, more fulfilling and gratifying life, for our benefit and that of the world we live in.

WHEN: Saturday, November 19 from 8:30am to 5:30pm
WHERE: Woodhall, 501 Orindawoods Dr. Orinda CA
COST: $80 (a non-refundable fee)

PAYMENT: Checks can be written to Andrea Colombu LMFT and either brought to our Monday night gathering or sent to:
Andrea Colombu
23a Orinda Way Orinda CA 94563

For more information about the retreat feel free to contact Andrea here or call 925 212 2669