The Moment

Meditation happens only in the present moment.

That is to say, or better yet, that is to see that during meditation, we are practicing and tuning into our awareness of the unfolding moment – no past, no future, only now!

The realization of this central and essential key element of the practice is what ultimately reveals our capacity to be aware of the movement of our lives and to the possibility of exercising this capacity on a regular basis. The practice pants the seeds of awareness right into the ground of the moment. If we wish for a different outcome to our lives, one that is more fulfilling and less dissatisfying, more joyous and less unhappy, more open and less contracted, we must nourish the seeds of awareness into the ground of the moment by seeing that the moment is the only time in which we are really alive.

It is only by being fully present, here and now, that we can truly attend to our wellbeing – emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological, relational and more. Mediation, as a micro-lens into the moment, is an opportunity to truly see what is happening, tend to it, and help change our lives by virtue of tending to each moment, so that the next moment benefits from the care of this moment.

Mediation comes alive and reveals its fruits in our daily lives by virtue of how we practice, in the moment, by how we tend to the moment.

Let each moment truly count!