Introduction to Mindfulness

It gives me great please to announce the launch of another introductory course on Mindfulness.

Over the last decade, the science of mindfulness has become a major topic of research in different fields, from psychology to medicine, to neurology, education, business, and technology.

The evidence-based results of the application of mindfulness practices to our daily life are multi-fold and very compelling in nature. They reveal that indeed, even just a few minutes of dedicated daily practice can provide benefits like:

  • Stress reduction
  • Greater sense of self-awareness and inner-peace
  • Improved overall sense of well-being: physical, mental and emotional
  • Improved immune responses
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Greater sense of emotional well-being
  • Increased emotional intelligence: compassion, empathy, kindness, and tolerance

“The energies of mindfulness, concentration and insight can liberate us from our anxiety and worries. We let go of the past and the future, and come in touch with the wonders of the present.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Having taught meditation for over six years, and practiced for over 15, has taught me that having a good foundation is essential to delivering the best results possible, and being able to establish a sustainable long-term practice.

Hence, I invite you to join us on this six-week journey of enhancement of your well-being by beginning and establishing the life-changing practice of mindfulness.

Here are the course details:

Finding Inner Peace: A Six-Week Introductory Course to Mindfulness

Starting date: Thursdays January 11 – February 15
Time: 11:00 – 12:30
Duration: Six weeks
Location: In Forma Studio
Cost: $180
Registration: Complete the online registration form or in person at In Forma 23a Orinda Way, Orinda CA (the same  location of the course)
Course Content: The following are the major areas of concentration for the course:

  1. The basics of Mindfulness practice – what is mindfulness and how it can improve our overall well-being
  2. The Science of Mindfulness – what the recent scientific evidence shows us about the benefits of mindfulness practice
  3. Establishing a personal practice – how to establish and cultivate a personal practice
  4. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness – we’ll work through the four foundational practices to establish mindfulness in everyday life: body, feelings, mind, and experience
  5. Mindful living practices – we’ll practice and study different mindfulness techniques designed to integrate mindfulness into our personal life, relationships, and work life

Course Support:

  1. Weekly videos of guided meditation
  2. Audio recording of each session for review
  3. Printed summary for each class
  4. Available one-on-one 15 minutes phone session with teacher during the course

Space is limited. Register today!

For more information, feel free to contact Andrea Colombu directly at 925 212 2669