Is it worth it?

Often we think about what we do in terms of “is it worth it?”

We buy things, we go places, we spend time doing something, we make choice every day based not only on our preferences but also based on the question of worth: if it is worth it I’ll do it, I’ll stick around, I’ll wait, I’ll invest, etc.

What worth means to us is obviously very subjective. Most of us are more focused on an immediate return on our investment: “if I do this, I want to see some results or benefits now!”. We normally do not get too excited about doing something if the results are not evident right away. In the immediate-gratification, the short-attention-span society we live in, having to wait for something, for some tangible results, is almost a form of torture – we want it now!

When it comes to meditation, or to other processes of self-discovery and awakening like therapy (and yes, therapy is fundamentally a process of rediscovery oneself), usually we approach the situation similarly to how we approach other endeavors  in our lives – we expect to see progress, change, difference right away, otherwise, it is not worth it.

Waiting, in other words, is seen as an unnecessary and irritating obstruction to change.

Change may not require a lot of time, although most of the times some time is necessary. Time is an essential element in the equation of change. How much time? Well, that depends, and we do not really know. But are we willing to take the time?

Change also requires some effort. It may not be a lot of effort, but effort is also an essential element in the equation of change. Here too, are we willing to put in some effort in order to see change? Even if it takes some time? is it worth it?

My sense is that it really depends on what is the outcome we are seeking and looking for. If I want to eat some perfectly ripe peaches, full of flavor, nutrients, and sweetness in the middle of December, I will not be able to do so. I will need to wait until Mother nature provides those fruits at her own ideal time. All sorts of conditions have to come together in a perfect matrix in order to deliver the fruit. Is that worth waiting for? Well, if you want the sweetest, most nutritiously delicious peach, the answer would be YES!

Is it worth it meditating now and waiting for its fruit to ripen whenever they may? Actually, even better: is it worth it to meditate in the first place?

What fruits have you been reaping since you started meditating? Has it been worth it?

Ultimately, the answer you give to these questions are the reasons why you’ll continue, the reasons why you’ll wait a little longer to reap the fruit, and the reasons why it is worth it!

Let meditation be different from anything you have done in your life – be patient. Let meditation provide its fruits sitting by sitting.

Let meditation ripe in your heart, mind, and body, and enjoy the ripening process as it unfolds moment to moment.

Is it worth it?