Emotional Support During COVID-19

The current health and economic crisis is impacting so many of us. The suffering and pain are real, and the road to recovery ahead of us is long and difficult.

According to a recently released study by the Census Bureau published by The Washington Post, one-third of Americans are currently showing signs of anxiety and depression

“For every 100 American adults, 34 show symptoms of anxiety, depression, or both”

Unfortunately, the reality of the radical change to our way of life to help us defeat this pandemic, the devastating economic downturn for millions of Americans, the uncertainty that we all face, the deep sense and experience of loss for so many, and the change in perspective about our future, make it so that especially mentally, emotionally, and psychologically the pressure and unease are really difficult to cope with.

The experience of isolation and uncertainly, loss and grief, fear and tension, and difficulties in adapting to change, have a real impact on our mental well-being.

There is some good news however;

  1. we are RESILIENT
  2. we are NOT ALONE
  3. we are here to HELP EACH OTHER

Resilience, the capacity to recover quickly from adversities, is one of the most innate of all human qualities. Resilience is what allows us to bounce back, to recover from stress, traumas, difficulties, and even mental health issues. Resilience allows us to return to a state of balance, psychically, and mentally, And actually, resilience does a lot more for our well-being especially psychologically, in that it provided evidence that we can surmount challenges, learn from them, and return to balance. Resilience also helps build emotional intelligence, it helps create a stronger sense of self-esteem, and provide the important underlying sense of happiness we all need to continue to live well and thrive, and keeps us ready and able to face the next challenge life presents.

During this difficult period of time, many of us feel more alone, distant, separate, isolated for others, and in many cases from family members. Even with the usefulness of electronic and cyber means of communication, after some time the sense of distance is a reality that touches all of us and impacts the way in which we live. However, it is very important to realize that we are not alone, many others are feeling the way we are feeling. It is very important that during a crisis no one feels isolated and alone. As social beings, we need to know that we are connected to others and even more importantly, we need to experience that connection. So it is very important to understand that right now social distance doesn’t have to be emotional distance and that reaching out to others is another very important way to stay healthy and connected.

Helping each other is also one of the most innate qualities we have as human beings. Some of us choose to help also professionally, by entering fields of work that are directly dedicated to help others when in danger and crisis like the thousands of first responders, health care professionals, and essential workers who during this crisis have helped restlessly, continue to do so, and have not stooped even when their lives have been put at high risk, including death. Many of us love to help, and I am one of us!

Although it is still not possible and recommended to see a therapist face-to-face, many of us have made it possible to provide help, support, and care via telehealth: the use of secure, confidential, and effective means of connection and communication designed to support clients and patients during this crisis

I am currently accepting new clients and making myself as available as possible to support anyone in need.

I am using HIPPA compliant means of communication via end-to-end encrypted video conferring, encrypted email service, and using phone and texting for initial and very minimal communication with my clients.

If you are in need of help and support, I encourage you to call or email me, let’s set up a time for a short phone conversation during which we can discuss your situation, answer questions, assess the best course of action, and proceed accordingly together.

I look forward to connecting with you, and to be of help to you.

And remember, you are RESILIENT, your NOT ALONE, and HELP is here for you!

Be well.