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About Andrea Colombu | Andrea Colombu MA LMFT About Andrea Colombu | Andrea Colombu MA LMFT

About Andrea Colombu


“I feel very fortunate to have been able to follow my bliss, and make my personal interests and passions my professional expression in the world. It is a true proviledge to be able to help, serve, and support healing, rediscovery and awakening.”  – Andrea Colombu

Professional Bio

I am a licensed psychotherapist who has been practicing with individuals and couples since 2008 and has been in private practice in Oakland, CA. since 2014. The interface between psychology and spirituality is central to my work and approach, which integrates contemporary psychotherapy with the timeless wisdom of contemplative traditions.

I received a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University with a specialization in Transpersonal Psychology. My preparation also included studies and training in Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy, Humanistic Psychology, Existential-Contemplative Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychology, Mindfulness, and Mindfulness-Based Therapies.

I also offer nondual therapy and coaching to individuals and couples, and facilitate nondual exploration groups, workshops, and retreats in and outside of California. This area of my work has been supported and encouraged by my teacher Peter Fenner, PhD., with whom I have studied and worked closely since 2010. By his invitation, I have also been coaching in his Radiant Mind programs since 2011. I am a founding member and current board member of the Center for Nondual Awareness.

In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I teach meditation and mindfulness. I have been facilitating Living Radiance, a weekly meditation and awareness group based in Orinda, CA. since 2010. As a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, through the Mindfulness Training Insitute,  I offer regular courses, workshops, and retreats introducing mindfulness and mindful living skills to individuals, groups, and organizations. Currently, I am also completing the very first two-year-long Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program taught by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach with graduation in February 2019.  My regular meditation practice dates back to the mid-1980s. In 2003 I received formal training in the Zen tradition, and subsequently in the Vajrayana and Vipassana traditions, completing several multi-day retreats and studying with Eastern and Western teachers.

My experience in the health and fitness field, spanning over 25 years, is skillfully and appropriately integrated throughout my work to further support the process of healing, awakening and, opening to life. Including providing well-being consultation and coaching services to individuals, corporations, and institutions in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

In my blog, “Contemplate This,” I share inspiring and thought-provoking insights in support of our journey toward inner peace, awakening, and true fulfillment as modern humans tangled in the complexity of life.

I enjoy speaking publicly on a variety of subjects related to spirituality, psychology, nondual wisdom, mindfulness, meditation, and well-being. Past events have included presentations and panel participation at SAND Conference, John Muir Health, UCSF Medical Center, National Hartford Center for Gerontology Nursing Excellence Conference,  Contra Costa Child Care Council Conference,  Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference and Salons,  John F. Kennedy University, and Rotary Club.


  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology (Transpersonal Psychology), John F. Kennedy University, School of Holistic Studies: 2008
  • B.A. in Philosophy and Religion (with Honors), John F. Kennedy University: 2005

Post-graduate Education and Ongoing Training

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (ATI, SoundsTrue, GGSC)  2019
  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher (Mindfulness Training Institute) 2017
  • Power of Awareness (with Tara Brach PhD. and Jack Kornfield PhD.) 2017
  • Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training (with Peter Fenner PhD.) 2011-2012
  • Nondual Teacher and Therapist Training (with Peter Fenner PhD.) 2010 – 2011
  • Existential-Contemplative Psychotherapy (with Ken Bradford PhD.) 2006 – 2011
  • Authentic Presence Training (with Ken Bradford PhD.) 2011
  • Psycho-Physical Training (with Bill Bowen MFA, LMT) 2008
  • Buddhist Psychology: 2003 – Present
  • Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy: 2006 – Present
  • Nondual Wisdom: 2006 – Present


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (License No. LMFT 82221)
  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher (MTI 2017)
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (ATI 2019)
  • M.A. Counseling Psychology: John F. Kennedy University

Professional Affiliations

  • CAMFT (California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy)
  • Center for Nondual Awareness
  • Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Institute
  • Mindfulness Training Institute

Related Areas of Interest and Study

Consciousness Studies, Neuroscience, East-West Psychology, Mind-Body Medicine, Contemplative Practices, Eastern and Western Philosophy, Nondual Psychotherapy, Integral Psychology, Eastern Spiritual Traditions, Quantum Physics.


Fluent in Italian – Bilingual sessions available

Extended Bio

My psycho-spiritual journey finds its roots in my childhood and upbringing in a family whose life and values were centered around spirituality.  My parent’s lifelong ministry and dedication to service have had a strong influence on my life.

Their unconditional love and care supported my searching spirit from a very young age when I began feeling a deep sense of interest and reverence for the sacredness of Life and a natural sense of curiosity about the nature of our existence.

In my late teens, while searching for answers of an existential nature, I began studying Chuan Fa, a mystical style of Chinese martial arts. I became very interested in its philosophical implications and started reading and studying the Tao Te Ching, and through these opening experiences, I began a process of self-inquiry. During this period I began experiencing spontaneous meditative states and some shifts in consciousness that I cultivated privately and intuitively, not sure of their nature and meaning. This was the beginning of my journey of an in-depth self-exploration, meditation, and quest for realization.

When I moved from Italy to California in 1986, I became fascinated with the interconnection between body, mind and spirit and focused my efforts in creating a balanced and cohesive approach to life that integrated the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of our existence. This process resulted in embarking on rewarding career in the health and fitness field as a teacher, trainer, consultant and educator, and in 1995 I founded In Forma Integral Fitness, a facility dedicated to an integral and holistic approach to well-being.

In 2002, after years of personal exploration and embodiment of an integrative approach to well-being, I felt a call to further redirect my journey. Moved by a desire to deepen my psycho-spiritual journey, I began formal training and study in Zen (which included taking vows as a layperson in 2003). This very rich period of self-exploration, dedicated spiritual practice, and re-examination of my life path revealed an interest in being of service from a psycho-spiritual perspective, and I began my training in Counseling Psychology.

My academic preparation was further expanded by dedicated practice and study of Buddhism (in the Vajrayana, Zen and Theravada traditions), Western and Eastern philosophy, world religious and spiritual traditions, consciousness studies, contemplative practices, neuroscience, and some quantum physics.

Beginning in 2006, I became interested in the nondual path to spirituality following theoretical exposure to this approach and some moving personal experiences that further expanded my psycho-spiritual journey. The integration of nondual wisdom into my personal and professional life has been truly a redefining experience of my path.

In addition to my regular dedication to nurturing the essence of being, I find it important to keep the delicate balance of life and play by integrating regular physical activity, connection with nature, good nutrition, reading, friends and family gatherings, music and art, laughter, traveling and watching great documentaries.

I am happily married and live in the San Francisco East Bay with my wife Natasha and our cat Franny.

As my psycho-spiritual journey continues, I feel really blessed to be able to share my personal and professional experiences with anyone who finds it useful to embark on a process of fully opening to life and rediscovering our fundamental true nature from which a joyous and fulfilling life can unfold.