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    The simplicity of a moment of a clear, open experience, if left untouched by the mind’s habitual way of wanting to make more of what is, reveals without any effort how life can unfold with more ease. Simplicity is not..

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      It takes patience to see any seed germinate into a full bloomed flower radiating its beauty to the world. It takes patience to see any seed of love germinate to its full bloomed state and radiate its power to the..

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      A Gesture of Kindness

        We often think of kindness as an act extended to others, out of generosity, love, care or simply because it feels good to do so. Generally thought, we don’t think or feel that we need to be kind to ourselves,..

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        A Moment of Quiet

          Whether consciously recognized or unconsciously motivated, we all seem to appreciate the need for quiet, silence and peace. That is because at our core, beneath the noise of our everyday life, we are the peace and quiet we so much desire and are pulled..

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          New Beginnings

            t the dawn of a new year we usually find ourselves contemplating, planing, setting goals and reassessing for the year ahead. A “new beginning,” that’s how we typically refer to it. In a relative sense, indeed there is a new..

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            About Andrea

            Andrea Colombu MA, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice, a meditation teacher, nondual coach and group facilitator, integral well-being expert, speaker, and a blogger. He practices in the San Francisco East Bay. Andrea also holds regular meditation and awareness exploration gatherings.

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