Individual Support

Personalized Meditation Support

I offer individuals and couples personalized support and spiritual counseling in establishing and developing meditation and contemplative practices.

Personalized meditation sessions are designed to offer the type of individual guidance and support that is not always available in group settings.

This level of support extends from the very basics of meditation practice to the subtleties of more advanced practice.

We’ll also expand into practices dedicated to the development of mindful living and mindful relationships.

For Individuals

Individual meditation guidance is a powerful way to receive support based on your particular circumstances. It provides more direct and focused attention on the practitioner’s needs and intensifies the sessions.

Individuals who seek this type of support do so for a variety of reasons: challenges with group settings, lack of accessibility to groups or classes, needing personalized attention, preferring more privacy, experiencing scheduling difficulties and wanting one-on-one support for convenience.

Individuals who I support report benefiting from our sessions in the following ways:

  • personalized attention
  • moment-to-moment guidance during sessions
  • closer contact and connection
  • scheduling convenience and flexibility
  • privacy and comfort
  • available long distance support
  • dedicated assistance

For Couples

Meditation with a spouse, partner or significant other is truly a powerful way to support and enhance a relationship. This is especially true if there is already a practice in place, or the desire to create one together, and if the couple is already conducting a conscious or spiritually based relationship.

For couples already on the path, this is a great opportunity to deepen the practice together, benefit from each other’s support, better appreciate the role of meditation in the individual’s and couple’s lives, and receive the support for co-creating a contemplative approach to life.

For couples interested in introducing meditation into their life and relationship, this type of support can be beneficial in strengthening relationships and creating closer connections.

Session’s details

The sessions I offer are 55 minutes long for a fee of $100.

Sessions normally take place in my Walnut Creek offices, or if preferred may be arranged via Skype.

Private sessions at home or work can be arranged based on schedule availability. Travel time cost is not included in the session fee.

It is my wish to make meditation available to anyone interested and therefore a sliding scale fee is available upon request and based on availability.

For more information and for a free 20 minutes initial consultation please feel free to contact me.

About Andrea

I am a meditation teacher, nondual coach and facilitator, workshop/retreat leader, as well as offer meditation guidance.